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The Chumbi is a small wholesome pet ware business. Our goal is to create a honest product, support a transparent supply chain,  and generate a genuine bond between us and our customers.

The Chumbi was founded in 2012. Our product vision started with belts and water bottle slings. However, in 2013, when we decided to get our first dog, Parker,  the business quickly turned its focus to pet-ware. We still make belts and water bottle slings for special orders so please submit a request if you would like to purchase those products. Over the years, Parker has been our source of inspiration to continue creating a product that is honest, wholesome, and durable.  We have sourced our strap material directly from the same maker, Francisco, since 2012. Fransisco and his family are traditional Indigenous weavers from the mountains of Ecuador. They weave the straps from a blend of synthetic and natural fibers in upright standing looms. After the strap material is woven, we assemble each leash and collar by hand in our home in Boise, Idaho.This is why we can promise you a handmade high-quality product every step of the way. 

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